Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yet again I must ask...

...where the hell was THIS Gore in 2000?

Imagine where the public might be now on global warming had Gore chosen to use the spotlight THEN, six years ago?

When Democrats stop pretending to be Republicans, they might be worth voting for again. It's a failed strategy, and it keeps substantive discussion off the campaign trail. Sad.

Love this from Sherrod Brown, the new senator from Ohio (source: Toledo Blade):

In his victory speech, Mr. Brown said he had dismissed advice to run a more cautious, middle-of-the-road campaign. "It's a risk worth taking to stand up for what you believe," he said. "And it's a risk worth taking to fight uncompromisingly for progressive values."

Enough of "liberals" who never openly voice progressive opinions (and thus deny the public the opportunity to hear progressive ideas). It's no accident the country slides to the right, when simplistic right-wing garbage is all they ever hear. Garbage in, garbage out, and the Democrats are responsible for helping that happen.